When tourists return to Egypt for a sunny holiday on the Red Sea and camel-backed pyramid towers, it is not uncommon for visitors to seek a more permanent residence in this old country. In fact, with the FCO travel restrictions now lifted for some parts of the country, the opportunities for expats to live and find work in travel / hospitality positions are increasing. As more and more people around the world work as “digital nomads,” Egypt’s North Sinai region is an attractive prospect for Internet entrepreneurs and freelancers.

So what makes Egypt so tempting for expats?? Here are some reasons,:

Easy Moving

Egypt is a country with a long-standing expat population. It is therefore very well equipped to meet the needs of foreign-born residents. Obtaining a work visa, finding housing and creating a bank account with an international bank in Egypt are relatively simple. It is common for expats to be supported by their employer through the moving process.

Natural Landscape & Outdoor Adventure

You only need to visit the Egyptian coast On the Red Sea Once to understand one of the main reasons why expats settle in the North African country. The sparkling blue waters – a diver’s dream-and the warm, windswept desert lands are truly a sight to behold. Just like tourists, expats are attracted by the beautiful landscapes of the Egyptian countryside and the possibility of outdoor adventures – swimming, diving, hiking and sailing, among other activities.

Cost of living

Many expats coming from the west to Egypt benefit from a much lower cost of living (compared to what they are used to doing at home) and a favorable exchange rate. Expats who live partly on foreign income or savings are often amazed at how much money they get in Egypt.

In December 2013, one Pound Sterling was worth about 11.32 Egyptian Pounds. According to Numbeo, a loaf of bread in Egypt costs less than half and costs only 5 Egyptian Pounds (44 Pence). Going out to eat is often when the exchange rate is most rewarding. For example, a three-course meal with a friend would average only 150.00 Egyptian Pounds in total (13.25 GBP).

History & Culture

From the fascinating stories of the ancient Egyptians to the ongoing political struggles these days, many expatriates are moving to Egypt to seize its rich history and be a part of it. Few countries have influenced the history of Western civilization as much as Egypt, and even fewer play such an important role in the future of the MENA region.

Scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, activists, journalists and historians travel to Egypt to discover the country’s unique position in the past, present and future of the global political community.

With the breathtaking natural landscape and the Magic of its ancient history, Egypt’s Other main attraction is its rare position on the world stage. Unlike expats looking for a warmer and quieter life abroad, those who choose to move to Egypt are looking for excitement and adventure. For all that is Egypt, what is not, is banal.

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