How many times have you been lucky enough to sleep in freezing temperatures or in a room that will soon melt and be built with the onset of the next winter? We introduce you to the most famous ice hotels that promise to make Christmas special this year, frozen and will be remembered forever. Actually enjoying…

Igloo of Sorrisniva, Norway

Hotel Sorrisniva Igloo is located about 20 kilometers north of the Norwegian city of Alta and will open on January 6, 2014. A clean winter destination, Norway, is one of the best alternatives to start the snow-white New Year. Simply decorated, also known as a snow castle, ensures that it can provide very warm days and nights. With special layers of skin and sleeping bags that can withstand temperatures up to 30 degrees below zero. If you want to marry the other half away from everyone, act in the chapel of the hotel.

Ice Hotel

If you love winter and want to spend the Christmas holidays with something else, you can travel to Sweden and the city of Jukkasjärvi. The ice hotel is completely made of snow and is the only hotel built before the melting of winter and spring. Open from December to April and some of the activities you can practice during your stay are dog sledding, skiing and of course courses on building snow statues.

Igloo Village, Finland

Located in the remote village of Saariselka, Finland, Hotel Igloo Village offers its guests not only a unique opportunity to sleep in a room made of ice and snow at an average ambient temperature of -3° to -6°, but also the opportunity to enjoy the sky in a room in the form of an igloo. The parts are made with special materials that absorb and retain heat. The hotel has 40 different igloo, so guests can enjoy moments of relaxation and privacy. All have their own sauna, fully equipped kitchen and fireplace, next to which you can relax and enjoy moments with a typical Finnish atmosphere for those who dare to change the time so close to the birthplace of Santa Claus.

Snow Village, Canada

The Hotel Village des Neiges in Montreal, Canada, is a typical snow village. Strange as it may sound, it is the ideal destination for families. Offers its guests activities purely for children, where small tenants learn how to make carvings from snow and turn them into works of art. the restaurants of the snowy village are worth a visit, as they give visitors the opportunity to taste local specialties and at the same time enjoy the warmth of ice cream!

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