Australia is one of the greatest destinations in the world for those who have a special taste for cuisine focused on excellent meat, fresh seafood and lots of delicious fruits and vegetables. Those travelling to Australia will also find that there is a plethora of high-end Restaurants and casual Dining options, each incorporating its own particular Charm into the food it serves its guests. If you’re looking for some of the best Australian Restaurants you definitely need to try, read the right List. Below are some of the best recommendations, followed by a short summary of the divine food you can expect.


I bet you didn’t expect to see a Thai Restaurant on this List, but this List wouldn’t be complete without it. Chat Thai is located in Thaitown, Sydney, Amidst the vibrant Thai and Chinese neighbourhoods. With the daily selection of fresh fish and an abundance of crispy produce, the dishes at this Restaurant are different from what you’re probably used to. At Chai Thai, you will immerse yourself in Asian food culture, with incredibly tasty and satisfying food. Their typical dishes focus on seafood and products and leave you only pure pleasure that you tried them.


If the name does not immediately indicate the nature of the kitchen, the interior becomes grumpy. The Woods is a rustic restaurant whose goal is to take you back to nature, to cooking, before the world gets more complicated. Their menu features what they call” primitive luxury food ” — meat, poultry, and seafood cuisine seasoned with nothing but delicate natural spices and herbs and the rustic fire of good food. They offer guests the opportunity to enjoy the food as it once was, simply and simply.


This Restaurant will steal your heart and bring you back again and again for more. Founded by chef and host duo Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart, this Restaurant pays to the beauty of the Season. Chef Gregory bases the menu on foods that don’t fit the Season, leaving you with nothing more than the freshest and most mature selection. Hartsyard’s main philosophy is that food must be manufactured in-house. From breads to syrups to fruits and vegetables picked from the garden behind your farm, everything is done daily and with the utmost care.


You’ll find yourself in situations where eating in Australia can be a little tricky in the after evening, or you just won’t want to leave the comfort of your hotel room after a busy day. In this Situation, Australia has developed another Innovation that connects you to almost any restaurant you dream of. EatNOW is a website where you can order food directly from the many Restaurants on the site. After searching for an installation by zip code or suburb, you just need to find a place and place an order. All restaurants offer delivery and / or pickup options. To make things even easier, you can find out exactly how long your order lasts by sending a handy message to your phone.

With the above options and other fantastic restaurants, you’ll wonder how you can ever leave such an exciting food hub.

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